Maritime History

Maritime History

Maritime History

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Maritime History

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maritime History Journals and Magazines

This list is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. Additional recommendations are welcome.

American Neptune
Peabody Essex Museum and Essex Institute
(Publication suspended.)

Newsletter of the Canadian Nautical Research Society

Chasse-Marée: Histoire et Ethnologie Maritime

Classic Boat: The Love of Traditional Craft

Great Circle: Journal of the Australian Association for Maritime History
Australian Association for Maritime History

Inland Seas
Great Lakes Historical Society

International Journal of Maritime History
Journal of the International Maritime Economic History Association

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Nautical Archaeological Society

The Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction (F.E.E.G.I.)

Journal for Maritime Research (e-journal)
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Log of Mystic Seaport
Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea

Mains'l Haul: A Journal of Pacific Maritime History
San Diego Maritime Museum

Marine News
World Ship Society

Mariner’s Mirror
Society for Nautical Research

Naval History Magazine
U.S. Naval Institute

Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord
Canadian Nautical Research Society

Sea Breezes: The World Magazine of Ships and the Sea
Mannin Media Group, Ltd.

Sea History
National Maritime Historical Society

Ships Monthly Magazine
IPC Country & Leisure Media, Ltd.

Steamboat Bill
Steamship Historical Society of America

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
U.S. Naval Institute

Warships International Fleet Review
HPC Publishing

Warships Magazine
World Ship Society

WoodenBoat Magazine
WoodenBoat Publications, Inc.

For additional journals published in languages other than English, see Lars Bruzelius’s Maritime History Virtual Archives: Bibliography—Journals:

Praeger Explorations in World Maritime History

Praeger Explorations in World Maritime History
Series Editor, Lincoln P. Paine

The Praeger Explorations in World Maritime History series features individual volumes on key maritime topics, both civilian and naval. The object is to publish books that offer reliable overviews of particular aspects of global maritime history while incorporating the most up-to-date scholarly interpretations. Books are intended to be narrative surveys that serve as practical introductions or handbooks to their topics. Each title in the series will be an original work of the highest scholarly and professional quality.

The purpose of the books in the Praeger Explorations in World Maritime History series is to engage readers and educate them about important but often neglected aspects of global maritime studies. Authors should assume that their audience—which comprises interested, educated general readers as well as advanced high school and college-level students—will bring to their reading little background knowledge of the subject. Authors should explain clearly the subject or event under discussion, its historical context and its significance. Authors should also provide materials that increase the books value as a reference, including bibliographies, chronologies and maps.

Books published in the series will be attractively designed and packaged, with artist-designed, full-color dust jackets. The series will be marketed aggressively to general readers; public, community college and university libraries; book clubs; and to specialty maritime history audiences.

Authors: Individual titles may be written by one or more authors.

Length: The entire manuscript, including all components, should be no more than 100,000 words (about 260 printed pages in the published version).

Illustrations: Each volume should include 30-40 illustrations, including maps.

Supplementary materials: Timelines, charts and other features to make books reader friendly are welcome.

Author royalties: The approved author royalty rates for books in this series will be discussed with authors by the commissioning editor at Praeger. Royalty rates escalate based on the number of copies sold.

Contact: Lincoln P. Paine [], series editor.

Praeger Publishers has published scholarly books in the social sciences and humanities since 1949. These books serve the needs of scholars and general readers alike by providing the best contemporary scholarship to the widest possible audience.

Maritime History Blogs

The following are other maritime history blogs. Additional recommendations are welcome.

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